Jennifer Diet Plan Revealed


Hey, guys ! welcome back to our website. First of all, Happy New Year. This year I will reveal many more health and fitness secrets about many more famous celebrities. As you know, till now we have talked about many famous actresses but this one is my favorite. She is fashion queen from 2000’s, I am talking about none other than Jennifer Aniston ( also known as Rachel green).
I am sure Jennifer has billions of fans around the world. Still, i will provide you with a brief introduction, especially for those few people who don’t know her.
Jennifer Joanna Aniston ( also known as Rachel green ) is an American actress. She was born in Sherman Oak’s, California in the US, in the year 1969. Jennifer is also a very popular American producer and business woman. Right now Jennifer is in her late 40’s; She is probably the most successful female actress in the industry right now and has done real hard work and suffered a lot of pain to be in this position right now.

Jennifer Diet Plan Revealed

We all know that Jennifer had been very popular for her sense of style and fashion, but that’s not the only thing. She has been well known for her amazing features like her lovely hair, soft and glowing skin, pretty eyes, adorable nose and so on. I mean there is no end to it, Jennifer is like a perfect barbie doll. That reminds me of her perfect figure, which brings us right back on the topic of discussion.
So after days of research, I was finally able to crack the code to Jennifer’s fitness. So the secret behind Jennifer Sexy figure is ( *drum rolls* ) regular work out and balanced diet.
Disappointed with my answer? Don’t be because there is a lot more to it. Every celeb has a different trick, and the same thing follows for Jennifer. Her Workout techniques and eating habits are very different from other celebs, which is the reason she stands out among millions.

Jennifer aniston diet plan details source:

Breakfast – Jennifer just loves to eat her breakfast. She understands the importance of first meal of the day and sticks on having it every day. Usually, it’s a big glass of smoothie for her. She also loves to have Frozen watermelons for a lovely morning.
Lunch – There is a big list to her mid-day meal. Well, it’s actually 1 things with lots of ingredients. The most usual lunch for Jennifer is Garnished soup. ( list of ingredients as follows: lemon juice, garlic, ginger, raw average, clove, etc)
Dinner – The usual days are all about Seaweed salad but she mostly gets bored with it. So, for a change of taste She likes to have a freshly prepared salad.

Sometimes Jennifer follows a specific fitness regime called The Zone diet. I am sure this must be very new to you, so let me explain to you the idea of Zone diet. This is a very famous diet plan prepare by Barry Sears. It’s also popularly known as 40: 30: 30 diet. Actually, the name is based on the idea that the meal should consist of carbs: proteins and fats at the ratio of 40:30:30.

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Coveted Tech Hacks

Coveted Tech Hacks

These tiny hacks can help you wipe out the lines of worry and they are eligible to bring an unbelievable level of smoothness and ease in your job. These hacks are a must to know when you are living in an era of gadgets. After reading this article you will make your life 5 times easier, brighter and cordless.

We all crave for a workplace that is the best in terms of the technology, but with gadgets and accessories the workplace gets wrapped under wire-wraps and these wire meshes can become a trouble even for those without any sort of OCD.

1.  Use your swipes for the keyboard

It’s important to keep your keyboard clean because the dust might not be visible but it will get stuck to your fingers when you will use them. So its better to make another use of your already used-swipes before dumping them. Swipe them over the keyboard and get a spic and span board.

2. Loud volume

In case you are throwing a mini party at your place and can’t afford to have speakers or your favourite groovy numbers are stored in your cell phone. Take a clean cup,made up of any material be it glass or plastic and place the cell phone with music on, in it.  The volume will increase to a decent level.

3. Make a charging station

It’s the best way to stay away from wires and cords coming in your way at least for your cell-phone. Take a plastic bottle, cut into halves and cover the bottom part with any paper of your choice. Every other time when you plug your cell-phone, place the phone into the cup that is near the socket. So that the charger and cell phone are intact at the same place.

4.Make a selfie stick

Take a minitripod and some tape and a strong stick.

Attach the tripod at the end of the stick using your tape and there you go.

5. Prevention from sending  incomplete emails

Sometimes, you accidentally touch to send button. It’s better to leave the recipient space empty until you are done with the mail.

6. Use those empty wooden spools

Tangled earphones are complete mess, it’s better to roll them over the wooden spools at the corner of your house.

7. No cover yet stylish

We may not find some good cover for our cell-phones but it’s almost impossible to find any sort of cover or an accessory for your charger, put your nailpaint at work. You can carefully apply nailpaint over the plastic body to get that perfect look.

8. All organised in a drawer

Make the best use of your drawer by keeping all electronics there. Get a power strip and connect your laptop, mobile charger in the drawer itself. It saves your eyes from the cord-mess.

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Android V/S iOS

The choice of buying new phone is now quite simple as you need to just choose between iOS and android. The BlackBerry device and Windows phones disappeared too fast and doesn’t even exist in the race with them.

The fan following for Android is much higher than iOS, may be due to presence of wider brackets of price and offered by various companies. Apple has maintained its healthy share in market.

Benefits of Android over iOs

Applications- Some functional apps include True caller, smart spends, walnut and tasker works great in android phones. iOS users can’t use the above apps in their phones.

Cost-effective – New companies like Xiaomi and Le mobile provided you best features at a cost of 10k which is half of what iPhone charges for a device. Even their accessories will cost you in thousands. iPhone users if upgrading their phone to 64GB will cost you around 10,000. And whereas you can buy an android device in the same price.

Charging Port- Makers of Android phones uses a universal charging port whereas Apple uses lightning port. They might be changing these ports with Type-C soon.

Hardware- Competition amongst developers of android phones spend their time on new innovations in new hardware’s. One of the recent example is IR blaster which helps you in controlling set top box, air conditioner, and TVs via phone. In India, people demand dual SIM card option, which is fulfilled by Android phones. Apple at the same time doesnt provide the above benefits.

Customization- Everyone is aware with this fact, that is you can change default home screen, lockscreen, font and icons in Android phones. If you want to customise your iPhone then you have to jail break your device.

Benefits of iOS over Android-

OS updates- iPhone 4 has recovered all the major updates since it’s launch whereas android phone makers promises only one update for one set. Updates include security fixes which are hard for android users to get, if they are not able to update it.

Cross device syncing- If you own a Apple products, then you have a big plus. Using software hardware integration, using this you can make call or send a text using iOS device over same Wi-fi network. For this you need to use same Apple ID on your devices.

Malware- Apple products doesn’t permit third party app and has strict measures for malicious apps from entering store. Android allows third party app and are malware effected.

High Quality Apps- In last two years, apps in iOS are better and creative than in Android devices. Android apps are poorly designed and iOS still has a upper hand in good looking apps. Some of the apps include Paper , game infinity blade and many more.

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Hacks Using Cosmetics Products

Someone rightly said: “no matter how many resources you have, if you cant use them properly, they are of no use”. Purchasing expensive cosmetic products is not considered as a luxury, however it’s felt that it’s better to buy a product that’s expensive but won’t harm your skin anyway. Moreover the parts where these products are applied, can’t be trifled with.

Similarly it becomes difficult to purchase and dump these expensive products, here are few hacks, they will let you use them like a pro just when you thought that it’s time to throw them:

1. What if you make your Eyeliner Pencil Into something Gel-ly, that is not only easy but also looks much classy than normal liner.

All you need to do is to burn on the flame and place the tip of your eyeliner over it’s flame, this should be kept just for a blink, not more than that. Put off the flame and wait for just 15 seconds, be careful dont apply it directly as it would be a bit warm. Let it cool.

3. Use your transparent nail paint

Almost all of use keep a bottle of transparent nail paint to enhance the shade we are applying but there are other uses too:

Add years to the life of your jewellery: your favourite set of artificial jewellery can live longer now. Simply apply light coating of your transparent nail paint over the areas that are exposed to your skin.

Protect the end of your show lace: In case your laces are not stitched from the end or are not held tight, you can dab the ends with a few layers of transparent nail paint again and protect them from tearing.

Say Yes to easy sewing: at times it becomes really frustrating when you try from all possible angles to pull a thread through a needle. Take hold of the not so smooth egde of your thread and put some transparent nailpaint over it and now try pulling it through the needle, it would hardly take a second.

3. Use your Lip balms wisely

All of us, keep using our sticks just till they have not gone out of shape, here are a few tips that can help you make them use till the end. You can put your old lip balms to work:

Fix your eyebrows: Take a light brush and stroke your eyebrows with the brush which is dipped into lip balm. This will give the natural shape to your eyebrows which will give a finer look.

Add shine to a bad hair day: If the end of your locks is not smooth and looks dry, take some lip tint on your fingers and massage it over the dull area, this is not for roots, just for the portion below.

4. Make use of your old lipstick

Now you can use your old lipstick in place of a new nail colour. Just get a brush, old lipstick and a transparent nail paint, apply the lipstick on your nails using the brush. Wait for 5 minutes for it to dry and then apply fine coat of transparent nail paint over it. Feel like you had a new nail paint.

Wear Lipstick without any flaw:

              Sometimes the lipstick leave traces on your teeth, you can protect yourself. Simply apply your lipstick and then put any of your finger into your mouth. This will create a gap between your lips and teeth. Now is the time for you to close your lips before pulling your finger back. Extra lipstick on the inner side of your lips will leave traces on your finger instead of your teeth.

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