Android V/S iOS

The choice of buying new phone is now quite simple as you need to just choose between iOS and android. The BlackBerry device and Windows phones disappeared too fast and doesn’t even exist in the race with them.The fan following for Android is much higher than iOS, may be due to presence of wider brackets of price and offered by various companies. Apple has maintained its healthy share in market.

Benefits of Android over iOs

Applications– Some functional apps include True caller, smart spends, walnut and tasker works great in android phones. iOS users can’t use the above apps in their phones.

Cost-Effective – New companies like Xiaomi and Le mobile provided you best features at a cost of 10k which is half of what iPhone charges for a device. Even their accessories will cost you in thousands. iPhone users if upgrading their phone to 64GB will cost you around 10,000. And whereas you can buy an android device in the same price.

Charging Port– Makers of Android phones uses a universal charging port whereas Apple uses lightning port. They might be changing these ports with Type-C soon.

Hardware– Competition amongst developers of android phones spend their time on new innovations in new hardware’s. One of the recent example is IR blaster which helps you in controlling set top box, air conditioner, and TVs via phone. In India, people demand dual SIM card option, which is fulfilled by Android phones. Apple at the same time doesnt provide the above benefits.

Customization– Everyone is aware with this fact, that is you can change default home screen, lockscreen, font and icons in Android phones. If you want to customise your iPhone then you have to jail break your device.

Benefits of iOS over Android-

OS Updates– iPhone 4 has recovered all the major updates since it’s launch whereas android phone makers promises only one update for one set. Updates include security fixes which are hard for android users to get, if they are not able to update it.

Cross Device Syncing- If you own a Apple products, then you have a big plus. Using software hardware integration, using this you can make call or send a text using iOS device over same Wi-fi network. For this you need to use same Apple ID on your devices.

Malware– Apple products doesn’t permit third party app and has strict measures for malicious apps from entering store. Android allows third party app and are malware effected.

High Quality Apps– In last two years, apps in iOS are better and creative than in Android devices. Android apps are poorly designed and iOS still has a upper hand in good looking apps. Some of the apps include Paper , game infinity blade and many more.

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