Coveted Tech Hacks

Coveted Tech Hacks

These tiny hacks can help you wipe out the lines of worry and they are eligible to bring an unbelievable level of smoothness and ease in your job. These hacks are a must to know when you are living in an era of gadgets. After reading this article you will make your life 5 times easier, brighter and cordless.We all crave for a workplace that is the best in terms of the technology, but with gadgets and accessories the workplace gets wrapped under wire-wraps and these wire meshes can become a trouble even for those without any sort of OCD.

1.  Use your swipes for the keyboard

It’s important to keep your keyboard clean because the dust might not be visible but it will get stuck to your fingers when you will use them. So its better to make another use of your already used-swipes before dumping them. Swipe them over the keyboard and get a spic and span board.

2. Loud volume

In case you are throwing a mini party at your place and can’t afford to have speakers or your favourite groovy numbers are stored in your cell phone. Take a clean cup,made up of any material be it glass or plastic and place the cell phone with music on, in it.  The volume will increase to a decent level.

3. Make a charging station

It’s the best way to stay away from wires and cords coming in your way at least for your cell-phone. Take a plastic bottle, cut into halves and cover the bottom part with any paper of your choice. Every other time when you plug your cell-phone, place the phone into the cup that is near the socket. So that the charger and cell phone are intact at the same place.

4.Make a selfie stick

Take a minitripod and some tape and a strong stick. Attach the tripod at the end of the stick using your tape and there you go.

5. Prevention From Sending  Incomplete Emails

Sometimes, you accidentally touch to send button. It’s better to leave the recipient space empty until you are done with the mail.

6. Use Those Empty Wooden Spools

Tangled earphones are complete mess, it’s better to roll them over the wooden spools at the corner of your house.

7. No Cover Yet Stylish

We may not find some good cover for our cell-phones but it’s almost impossible to find any sort of cover or an accessory for your charger, put your nailpaint at work. You can carefully apply nailpaint over the plastic body to get that perfect look.

8. All Organised In A Drawer

Make the best use of your drawer by keeping all electronics there. Get a power strip and connect your laptop, mobile charger in the drawer itself. It saves your eyes from the cord-mess.