Hacks Using Cosmetics Products

Someone rightly said: “no matter how many resources you have, if you cant use them properly, they are of no use”. Purchasing expensive cosmetic products is not considered as a luxury, however it’s felt that it’s better to buy a product that’s expensive but won’t harm your skin anyway. Moreover the parts where these products are applied, can’t be trifled with.Similarly it becomes difficult to purchase and dump these expensive products, here are few hacks, they will let you use them like a pro just when you thought that it’s time to throw them:

What if you make your Eyeliner Pencil Into something Gel-ly, that is not only easy but also looks much classy than normal liner. All you need to do is to burn on the flame and place the tip of your eyeliner over it’s flame, this should be kept just for a blink, not more than that. Put off the flame and wait for just 15 seconds, be careful dont apply it directly as it would be a bit warm. Let it cool.

 Use Your Transparent Nail Paint

Almost all of use keep a bottle of transparent nail paint to enhance the shade we are applying but there are other uses too Add years to the life of your jewellery your favourite set of artificial jewellery can live longer now. Simply apply light coating of your transparent nail paint over the areas that are exposed to your skin.

Protect The End Of Your Show Lace: In case your laces are not stitched from the end or are not held tight, you can dab the ends with a few layers of transparent nail paint again and protect them from tearing.

Say Yes To Easy Sewing: at times it becomes really frustrating when you try from all possible angles to pull a thread through a needle. Take hold of the not so smooth egde of your thread and put some transparent nailpaint over it and now try pulling it through the needle, it would hardly take a second.

 Use Your Lip Balms Wisely

All of us, keep using our sticks just till they have not gone out of shape, here are a few tips that can help you make them use till the end. You can put your old lip balms to work

Fix Your Eyebrows: Take a light brush and stroke your eyebrows with the brush which is dipped into lip balm. This will give the natural shape to your eyebrows which will give a finer look.

Add Shine To A Bad Hair Day: If the end of your locks is not smooth and looks dry, take some lip tint on your fingers and massage it over the dull area, this is not for roots, just for the portion below.

4. Make Use Of Your Old Lipstick : Now you can use your old lipstick in place of a new nail colour. Just get a brush, old lipstick and a transparent nail paint, apply the lipstick on your nails using the brush. Wait for 5 minutes for it to dry and then apply fine coat of transparent nail paint over it. Feel like you had a new nail paint.

Wear Lipstick Without Any Flaw: Sometimes the lipstick leave traces on your teeth, you can protect yourself. Simply apply your lipstick and then put any of your finger into your mouth. This will create a gap between your lips and teeth. Now is the time for you to close your lips before pulling your finger back. Extra lipstick on the inner side of your lips will leave traces on your finger instead of your teeth.Here are some amazing Makeup Trips

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